Yana Friday, Assistant Director of Development
work: 425-452-9920 ext. 6005
Email: YanaF@eastsideacademy.org
Yana (Klopov) Friday was born in Ukraine and has been in the states for over 20 years.  Yana grew up in Soap Lake, WA.  Soap Lake is one of two lakes in the world that has mineral-rich waters that has medicinal value.  Yana moved from Soap Lake to Seattle in 2008, and studied Sociology at the University of Washington. She was then an intern at her local church for two years in the Life Stages Ministry and then later studied to receive a Certificate in Missional Leadership.

 Yana loves to read, her literary interests range from Christian fiction to Theology to Hunger Games to Cookbooks.  When Yana is not reading she is swimming, running, and exploring with her new husband DJ Friday (Yes that is his real name).  Previously, she served as a Deacon and as a Director of Kid’s Ministry in her local church.  Yana is extremely passionate about kids and is excited about being at EA for her second year!