Toni Esparza, Executive Director
work: 425-452-9920 ext. 6002

Toni Esparza is passionate about ensuring that every child is supported to achieve their full potential. She has dedicated her professional life to loving and serving children, and has witnessed first-hand what a difference a supportive community can make in the life of a child and their family. Toni has spent two decades advocating and working for children in our communities who are marginalized and underserved. She desires to amplify the voices of those the world has quieted and works to ensure that every individual knows they do not walk this journey alone.

Toni completed her Bachelor of Science in Counseling and Psychology and her Master's in Education, both with a 4.0. Her dissertation is all that remains for completion of her Ed.D.

Toni has gained experience serving children and families in education, social service fields, churches, and residential programs. For the past 11 years, Toni has worked with some of the bravest youth and families of our Puget Sound Region - those working to gain sobriety, stability, and an education while enrolled at Eastside Academy. During the time Toni has been privileged to work with this amazing organization and group of people, Eastside Academy has expanded to two campuses and opened a housing program for youth seeking safe housing, stability, and sobriety.

Toni's passion for children has not been limited to just her professional life. She has been gifted the opportunity to have over 30 children in her home and to personally parent 7 children: 5 through adoption. Through her own parenting experience over the past 18 years, Toni has gained extensive insight on trauma, neglect, complex developmental trauma, FASD, Autism, mental health, sexual abuse, the foster care system, physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, speech therapy, and attachment.