Amber Jackson, Art Teacher

Amber is a PNW native with a creative streak a mile wide.

 Raised by parents who majored in Art, she uses a broad spectrum of mediums to bring her creations to life, but favors textiles and beads. She has been sewing since the age of 8, honing her skills in garment design and construction over the years, and creating jewelry since the age of 10. In her spare time, she focuses her energy on special occasion garment design/construction, and creating jewelry using found objects and repurposed materials.

 She hopes to help students tap into various creative outlets, and show them that art is more than just the typical 2-D mediums you see in a classroom.

 When Amber isn't hunched over a project, you will often find her out enjoying nature, hanging with her family, or searching for a great deal on fabric/art supplies.