How We Do It

Eastside Academy provides support structures and programs that minister holistically to at-risk youth. In order to help them address the root causes of their struggles, we support the physical, academic, emotional, relational, mental, and spiritual needs of our students through the following programs:

  • High School Education: Eastside Academy offers purposefully small class sizes to accommodate students’ varied needs, as well as instruction from teachers trained to work with at-risk youth.

  • Recovery: Students struggling with addiction meet with peers in daily Recovery classes, led by a licensed counselor to help them in their sobriety.

  • Mental Health Counseling: All students participate in regular one-on-one counseling with professional counselors. In addition, counseling for all EA alumni is available. 

  • Re:New Housing: In partnership with BelPres Church, Eastside Academy offers two houses (one for boys and one for girls) to students who are homeless or dealing with challenges in their home lives.

  • Mentoring: As available, each student is paired with an adult mentor who meets with them once a week to listen, build life skills, offer support, and inspire change.

  • Alumni Support: Alumni are offered college scholarships, career assistance, and access to all professional services offered by the school. 
While Eastside Academy has seen that our approach to supporting students can allow for success that may not have been otherwise possible, EA can not guarantee the ability to serve every student, nor can EA guarantee that every student will find success in our program.