High School Education

Students at Eastside Academy are enrolled in a variety of classes based on skill level and academic interests. All classes are taught from a Biblically integrated perspective and emphasize real life application. Curriculum at EA include the following basic courses to support students working towards Washington State graduation requirements:

Mathematics History English
Basic Math Civics  English 9, 10, & 11
Algebra I & II United States History Senior English
Geometry World History  
Math Electives  History Electives   
(all sciences are taught as lab sciences)
Career and Technical Education   Arts       Health and Fitness
Biology Microsoft Office Music     Physical Education
Environmental Science Basic Programming Art Health
Physics Electronics   Conditioning
Chemistry Life Skills    

For more information regarding high school credits and education, please contact Oles Mironyuk our Bellevue Head of School, or Irina Yurina, our Overlake Director of Education & Student Services.