Tuition, Fees, & Transcripts

Eastside Academy is a non-profit, private alternative high school committed to providing at-risk youth with a high quality education. The cost of educating each student is approximately $20,000 per year. That being said, we realize that a $20,000 per year tuition fee is unattainable for many of our students’ families.

In order to help defray much of the costs of tuition, EA fundraises in the community to contribute towards the students’ education. However, each family is required to contribute towards their student’s educational costs according to the following sliding scale, set by the Board of Directors.

Tuition payments are made in 10 monthly installments, due on the fifth of each month from September to June.

Gross Annual Family
Income *
Annual Cost of Education
Amount of
Family Tuition Fee
(per student)
TANF Recipients
$10,000 and under
$200,000 and above


For those families for whom paying the Family Tuition Fee would preclude their student from attending Eastside Academy, there is a “Special Circumstances Committee” that families can appeal to for additional financial assistance. Income must be verified by providing the previous year or the prior year’s tax return. If providing the prior year’s tax form is a challenge, families may discuss with staff the option of providing alternative paperwork. If the child receives child support payments on his/her behalf, please include the amount of the child support payments.

For more information on this process, please contact Amanda Uhler, our Bellevue Aministrative Coordinator & Registrar, or Betsy Monroe, our Overlake Administrative Coordinator & Registrar.

If you need a current trascript please fill out the form below and return it Amanda Uhler or Betsy Monroe.

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