Join us for our virtual breakfast fundraiser!

Our ask for the next 3 weeks is for Re:New Homes, the only long-term, voluntary housing options to minors on the Eastside. These homes are fully staffed by trained teams, providing youths with a family modeled home. Students are able to focus and improve their education, recovery, mental health, and relationships at their stay in the homes.
  • Since 2012, Eastside Academy, in partnership with BelPres Church, has served over 101 teens who are homeless or in extreme crisis at home.
  • 42% of our students are homeless. These teens were able to attend high school because they were offered long-term safety and stability. 
  • To date: 97% of our seniors living in Re:New homes graduate from high school and receive a diploma from Eastside Academy. These alumni have gone on to Seattle University, Washington State University, Whitworth College, Bellevue College, Northwest University, and more. Without the stability of Re:new Homes, their graduation may not have been possible.
Please pour yourself a cup of coffee, enjoy the videos and learn how you can help this incredible program.

 Overview of Re:New Homes from EA’s Executive Director
 To get a good feel for where we are today, we must look back at how it all began. We hope you will be as encouraged as we are by the community that made this all possible.
  A Word from Annie Duncan 
Before you dig into your delicious breakfast, hear about the partnership between BelPres and Eastside Academy and how impactful that has been to the Re:New Program.
Re:New’s Community Impact
Now that you have learned a bit more about the history and our partner. We want to show you the impact the Re:New program has had on our students, our volunteers, and the community. These stories are why we do what we do, and we know you will find them inspiring and refreshing.

Our Progress So Far
Please consider donating to help us reach our goal and provide more long-term housing for eastside youth.

Guidelines for charitable donations have recently changed and your gift to Eastside Academy may carry a larger personal tax benefit. Please check with your advisors or places of employment to see if increased support could be leveraged or matched.