Sue's Story

Two years ago, Sue thought her life was going nowhere. Today, she is accomplishing things she never thought possible.

The person I was two years ago is not the person I am today. At 16-years-old, I found out I was pregnant. That changed my life. I knew I had to give up the life I was living. It was tough to give that life up, but it’s just something that happened naturally because of this mother’s instinct I have.
I heard about Eastside Academy from a friend, but I thought it was just another alternative high school. This school has helped me so much. I like how we are a family here. All of us support each other, and when I don’t understand something, having a smaller classroom is really helpful for me.
Right now, it’s just my daughter and me, and I’m trying to be a good role model for her. We don’t live in a good neighborhood, and I don’t want my daughter going to school where we live right now. My goal is to get us out of this neighborhood as soon as possible.
Seeing the students change because of this school, it’s a great thing for all of us. I never thought my life would go anywhere, and it made me depressed. I knew thinking like that was wrong, but I didn't believe I could accomplish the things I am doing today. I am so grateful for Eastside Academy!


Will you help Sue stay in school and graduate with her diploma?

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