Student Stories

Eastside Academy is the only school of its kind in Washington. No other school offers such a unique approach to education, where healing and learning go hand-in-hand. At Eastside Academy, we don't just educate our students with grades and test scores; we strive to give students the tools they need to lead healthy, purposeful lives.

To see the transformation made in the lives of our students, please watch the moving testimony of Kevin's story in the video below.

Will you help EA students like Kevin stay in school and go to college?

Without your help, these students would not be getting the support they desperately need. For more stories and to see how your help directly affects these students' lives, please take a moment to see more stories from some of our students below.

Before Eastside Academy, Cherimee struggled with her sobriety. Today she is over one year clean.See Cherimee's Story

Hector was introduced to gangs as a young child. He was heading towards leading a life of crime before coming to Eastside Academy. Read Hector's Story

Two years ago, Sue thought her life was going nowhere. Now she is accomplishing things she never thought possible.Read Sue's  Story