Richard Zamora, Spanish Teacher

Richard was born and raised in the Bay Area in California, and graduated from UC Davis. During his time at UC Davis, he learned Chinese, performed in a rock and roll concert, and did data research for the U.N. Richard loves to learn and welcomes new experiences, having worked in the tech industry in start-ups and hackathons, he has also spent time in the military as a technical engineer, working with Computer Aided Drawings and construction. He geeks out to math and musicals and gets to combine that love in Hamiltonian Cycles, not related to Hamilton but still great. As much as he loves math, he loves learning about other cultures and languages, and is excited that he gets to teach students Spanish, which is his native language.

In his free time he likes to run, do martial arts, and read. He also does a fantastic kermit the frog impression that has impressed his students.