Kenzie Waltar, Re:New Resident
Kenzie was born and raised in Kirkland and has been a part of BelPres her whole life.  She was recruited to row for the University of Washington and was a part of the 2017 NCAA National Championship team and the 2018 NCAA National Runner-Up team.  She graduated from UW in June 2018 with a degree in English (with a focus on teaching) and a minor in Spanish. 

She has worked with all ages in both church and school settings—elementary children, middle schoolers, collegiate athletes, and now high schoolers.  Kenzie is excited for this dual role at both the girls house with Re:New and the high school ministry at BelPres.  She has always looked up to her leaders and mentors at church and wants to show that same love to the students she leads now.  She says, “If you look up to someone who loves Jesus, you’ll want to be like them and that means they’ll want to be like Jesus.”

In her free time, Kenzie loves to workout, hike, read, cook, and sing very loudly while driving from place to place.  She loves the PNW sunrises and sunsets.  She loves the mountains and the lakes (and honestly couldn’t pick one if she had to!).  And she cannot wait to be a part of the EA family.  Oh, and of course…