Kelli Hildebrand, Co-Chairman of the Board

  • Organizational consultant and corporate trainer with 15 years’ experience with helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals through focused development, strategy setting, and increased capability
  • Serving since 2012

Aaron Tally, Co-Chairman of the Board

  • Aaron serves as a Pastor and the Facilities Director at Overlake Christian Church. He is the liaison to Eastside Academy Overlake and also serves as a Mentor at that campus. He is a former owner of a remodeling business with 22 years of experience in the construction industry.
  • Serving since 2017

Tim Christian, Treasurer

  • Sales Director at ServiceNow, an organization which focuses on transforming the delivery and management of services to help enterprises operate faster and more effectively.
  • Serving since 2015

Michael Yu, Secretary

  • Michael’s background includes a long career in banking/wealth management at Citigroup and then in Marital and Family Therapy. He also served as Head of School of Eastside Academy’s Redmond campus. Michael is now leading the sales team at CandyWarehouse.
  • Serving since 2018

Christine Corneille

  • Christine currently works in the Human Resources and Leadership Development departments at Bellevue Presbyterian Church. For the past ten years she has also worked as a mediator of family, workplace, and foreclosure disputes. Christine is a graduate of Westmont College and UCLA School of Law.
  • Serving since 2017

Nancy Bohling

  • Nancy is a long time local small business owner with strong ties to the community and lengthy volunteer service at church and school. Particularly focused on at-risk students and their families as well as church polity and governance. 
  • Serving since 2018 

Margie Bicknell

  • Margie has been involved with EA since becoming a mentor in 2010. Margie is a retired school teacher but continues to substitute teach with the Lake Washington School Disctrict. She is also an actor and vocalist.
  • Serving since 2018 

Fred Janssen

  • Fred Janssen is an independent consultant working with business owners in the areas of Operations, Finance and Information Management.  He also lends the unique perspective of having parented an Eastside Academy student.
  • Serving since 2018

Melodie Zakaluk

  • Serving since 2019 

Annie Duncan

  • Annie serves as the Executive Pastor at Bellevue Presbyterian Church, where she has worked the past 12 years.  She is a graduate from Whitworth University Seattle Pacific Seminary.
  • Serving since 2019