Mission Statement

Inspiring change in the lives of at-risk youth through high school education, counseling, recovery, housing, and life skills programs in a Christ-centered environment.

 Core Values:

1. Believing that Jesus transforms lives

2. Believing that God uniquely creates everyone for a purpose

3. Serving people who are committed to growth

4. Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy community through a culture of trust and mutual respect

5. Respecting all members of the community and valuing their unique contributions

6. Caring for the whole person by focusing on the educational, social, emotional and physical needs

7. Commitment to taking responsibility, admitting harm, making amends and moving toward change

8. Honoring one another through consistent and clear expectations and healthy boundaries

9. Participation in collective decision making

10. Encouraging creative thinking and collective problem solving

11. Creating opportunities for each person to learn from failures and “try again”

12. Living a balanced life inclusive of work, play and rest